How to Hide and Show apps in Redmi smartphones

Xiaomi's Redmi & Poco Series are smartphones that give tough competition to other brands. The special features of Xiaomi's smartphones are due to its increasing popularity. App lock and hidden apps feature is particularly liked. If you want to hide some apps from your phone, then we are going to tell you its process.

how to find hidden apps
How to hide apps in redmi

How to Hide Apps in Redmi Phone

Xiaomi's devices have a hidden apps feature long back. To hide apps, you must first go to the device's settings.

Go to Settings and open Apps Settings.

Here you will see the option of app lock.

Open the app lock. Then here you will see the option of hidden apps.

When you click on it, the list of all the apps will be revealed in front of you.

Enable any app you want to hide.

This will make your apps Hide.

Do all the smartphones of Xiaomi have App Lock feature

For your information, let us know that these steps mentioned above are only applicable for smartphones under Xiaomi and Redmi branding. If you want to follow this process in smartphones of other brands, then you will not be able to hide apps. Also, let us know that the steps mentioned above are not applicable on the smartphones of Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi A2 and Mi A3.

Where to see hide apps in Redmi

If you hide the apps once from the app tray, then you will be able to access the hidden option only. After that you can unhide the apps again if you want.

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