Google PAY will have a lot of important features, Order food from Google PAY

From time to time, Google makes changes to provide great service to its users. Recently Google made many changes in Gmail. At the same time, there are also many changes in Android. In this episode, Google has now redesigned its payment app Google Pay. That is, it has been introduced with a new features. Today we will tell you what changes have been made in Google Pay.

Google PAY will have a lot of important features
Order food from Google PAY

Many changes in Google Pay

Be aware that Google recently changed the logo of Google Pay. The company has also added the new logo to its app. Now the new version of Google Pay is available for both Android and iOS. Note that currently this version has been released only in the US. In the Indian market, some new features have also been added with the changed logo. However, the completely new Google app has not been introduced in India yet.

Now order food from Google Pay

Google has added eating service to its payment app Google Pay. American users can now order food through Google Pay. Along with this, the feature of Bill Split has also been added. That is, users will now be able to divide their bills along with money transfer in Google Pay.

PLEX banking service will be launched

Apart from these, the explore tab will also be seen on the app. With the help of which users will be able to know the best deals around them. In addition, these site features are also new, with the help of which you will know about payment behavior. Google plans to launch PLEX banking service by next year. Under this, banks will also be given Google Pay service.

Google Pay Complete Package

In order to make Google Pay a complete package, it also has the facility to distribute bills by forming a group for rent, food bills and other expenditures. The design of its payment feature has also been changed and in the US the company has also partnered with Petrol Pumps for this. According to the reports, it will be available at 30 thousand locations.

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