What is the difference between iOS and Android phones

Confusion is often seen among people whether take iPhone or Android. If you are in the same confusion, then read some of the points mentioned below, in which you will understand the difference between the two phones. With this you will be able to easily decide which phone you should take.

iOS and Android different features
Android vs iOS

Difference between Apple and Android

iPhone Vs. Android

iOS Vs. Android

1) iPhone is produced by only Apple company whereas there are many companies making Android phones. Because of which the number of iPhone is less in the world.

2) Android is Google's product while iPhone is Apple's.

3) Android phones run on Google's operating system Android while iPhones run on Apple's iOS.

4) Android has the problem of overheating whereas iPhone does not.

5) The camera quality of the iPhone also outperforms the DSLR. However, now Android smartphones are also being introduced with better camera quality.

6) iPhone is difficult to root while Android can be rooted easily.

7) Android is cheaper than iPhone. Not everyone can afford the iPhone. Whereas Android are launched in every price segment.

8) Android can be customized as per your choice whereas iPhone does not.

9) Any defect in iPhone can be fixed at any Apple Store. For Android, you have to go to the store of the same brand.

10) Android's latest operating system will not work on older phones. While the latest operating system of iPhone can work in any iPhone.

11) In iPhone only few games and apps can be installed whereas in Android you can install any app or game.

12) Long battery back-up option is not available in iPhone. At the same time, you will get long battery backup options in Android nowadays.

13) iPhone models are similar, whereas everything from design to Android is presented differently. The model can be detected only by looking at the phone.

14) Multitasking can be done in Android but this is not possible in iPhone.

15) Since the iPhone is made by Apple only, it takes time to get a new model.

How to choose between iOS and Android

After using Android and iOS smartphones extensively over the years, it is not easy to choose either of these two. However, iPhones made by Apple are more secure than Android phones and include some of the best software that makes this operating system special. If users are able to buy Apple phone then surely Apple should choose and if users are not able to afford the price of Apple device then there is no problem in choosing Android device.

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