Complete the task on the phone and earn, Google Task Mate App Coming

Google may launch Task Mate app in India soon. The company has started testing this app in India. This app will give users a chance to earn money by performing a simple task on the smartphone. The Task Mate app will provide many tasks posted by businesses from all over the world. These include things like taking pictures of restaurants, answering survey questions, translating sentences from English to another language.

Google may launch Task Mate app in India soon. The company has started testing this app
Google Task Mate

The Google Task Mate app is currently in beta mode and is limited to select testers through the referral code system. These selected users can download it from Google Play right now.

Payment will be in local currency

According to the description of the app on Google Play, after completing the task on Tasks Mate app, users will be paid in their local currency. Tasks are divided into two categories - seating and field tasks, but Google can ask the user directly for any task. There are three steps to use this app-

    Finding Tasks Near You

    Completing tasks to start earning

    Cashing out your earnings

On the Task Mate app, the user can see how many tasks he has completed, how many tasks have been completed properly, what is the user's level and which are in the review.

Task skip option too

If the user has to go somewhere for a task, then the Google Task Mate app will show how long it will take to reach there. If a user is not interested in the task or cannot do it, then he can skip the task. Tasks can be completed anytime, anywhere.

What do you have to do to get paid

According to the description of the app, the user will have to link the bank account to the third party processor to get the earnings from the task mate app. To cash out the earnings received from the task, the user has to register his e-wallet or account details with the payment partner in the Google Task Mate app, go to his profile page and click on the cash out option. After this, the user will be able to withdraw his earnings in the local currency. 

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