If you have transferred money to another account by mistake, then take these steps

Nowadays everyone does money transactions online. There are many ways to transfer money online, you can transfer bank to bank money through UPI, mobile banking or net banking. But in this way, there are many problems in transferring and in a hurry money is transferred to a wrong account. If this has happened to you too, then read this news where we will tell you what to do if money is transferred to the wrong account.

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Confirm the wrong transaction

Suppose you are transferring money to an account, then immediately after the transfer, confirm with the person whether the money reaches his account or not. If the transaction has not been done in the right person's account, then check which account you have transferred the money to. Read Also- Create PAN Card in just 2 minutes by mobile

Tell the bank

If you have mistakenly sent money to someone else's account, first of all, without delay, tell the bank that you have accidentally transferred the money to a wrong account. Give the bank all the details of the transaction, such as the date and time, your account number and the account number in which the money has been transferred by mistake, also give details about it.

Go to branch

However, there are times when you fill in an account number or IFSC code incorrectly, in which case the money is automatically credited back. But if you do not have the money then go to the branch. Meet the manager, if your transaction is in another bank then the money will be returned.

It may take time to get money

If your money is transferred to another bank account, it takes time to return. Usually banks give 2 months time for this. Apart from this, you can find out from the bank that the money has been transferred to which account of which branch of which city. After that you can try to get your money back by talking in that branch.

Bank instructions

After transferring the money to the wrong account, a message is also received, which states that if your transaction is in the wrong account, please message. According to the guidelines of RBI, if something like this happens, it is the responsibility of each bank to take steps as soon as possible.

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