If your phone is charging slow, then follow these amazing tips

Whenever we get a new smartphone, we often conserve the phone's look, specifications, new features as well as its battery. Which is the simple reason that when the battery of the phone will not be good, then a good and expensive smartphone is also of no use. Nowadays, in the era of advanced technology, smartphone maker companies offer fast charging support. But usually we see that after some time the battery of our phone starts slow charging. There can be many reasons for this. If you are also facing such a problem, then we have brought some similar tips for you, which will enable you to charge your smartphone fast.

fast charging
tricks to do fast charge any smartphone

1) Original charger must be used

Many times the charger in our new smartphone box is lost. After which people often start using cheap chargers. In such a situation, due to the duplicate charger, the phone starts slow charging. That is why always try to use the original charger. Read Also- 5 tips to save smartphone battery

2) Avoid duplicate data cables

If the data cable found with your charger is damaged or broken, do not use a fake or local data cable. Usually we connect any data cable to the charger and start charging. And this makes the charging of your phone slow. Apart from this, your phone battery may also be damaged by doing so. Read Also- Tips to buy best camera smartphone

3) Remove the phone cover during charging

Most of us insert the charger in the phone along with the phone cover and charge the phone. But if you remove the phone cover and charge then the phone will be charged quickly. There is some science behind it. Because the battery releases heat when the phone battery is charged. But when the cover is installed, heat trapped and cannot come out. If the phone is hot, the efficiency of the battery is also reduced. If the cover is removed, the heat will come out and the phone will be fast charged. Read Also- Before buying an old smartphone, keep in mind some special things so that you can get a better phone at a lower price 

4) Turn on/off these modes

Due to the down battery of the phone, the charging and processing load is high. In such a situation, while charging the phone, turn off the location, GPS, data and sync etc. So that phones can be fast charged. At the same time, if you turn on the power saving mode, then the phone will charge correctly. Read Also- Find your lost phone by EMEI number

5) Switch off and charge

If you are not using the phone during charging, then it is better to switch off the phone and charge the phone again. By doing this the cellular connectivity of the phone will stop and the phone will start charging fast. Read Also- These five cool features make your smartphone even more smart

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