Tips to buy best camera phone

Currently 108MP camera phones are being offered by the smartphone manufacturer companies. But still, these smartphones can only click photos as good as 16MP iPhone or digital cameras. Simply if an iPhone with a single rear camera captures better photos and videos than a megapixel triple or quad camera phone at a lower megapixel, then it is clear that more megapixels are not a guarantee of a good camera phone, so now The question arises that how to choose a better camera phone, then it is necessary to know some basic things.

Tips to buy best camera phone


The most important part of the camera is the lens. Currently, many companies including Sony make smartphone lenses. In such a situation, while buying a smartphone, you should always check that which company has a lens in the smartphone you are buying. Also, one should always use the lens of the branded company. The lens of the phone is called the eye of the camera. Meaning the better the lens quality in the phone, the better it will be able to take pictures. The focal length of the lens is measured in mm.


At present, such an atmosphere has been created that only smartphones with more megapixels click sharp photos. But it is not so. Along with megapixels, a good photo requires many things. Explain that a photo is made up of many dots, which are called pixels. Their number is measured by the dot per inch. Top 5 free android apps

Image Sensor

Image sensor plays an important role in the quality of the photo. Currently, many companies use image sensors in smartphones. In such a situation, while purchasing the phone, definitely get the information of the image sensor. An image is recorded on the sensor. The larger the image sensor, the better the picture will be. The larger image sensor is used in the camera, this is the reason why DSLR can be used to click a better photo than the phone.


Zoom is used to click away an object. The camera has two types of zoom: digital zoom and optical zoom. Optical zoom is considered better than digital zoom. NEARBY SHARE - How to transfer files between two phones without installing any app


The higher the aperture, the lower the focus of the camera and the better the quality of the camera. For example, if the 12 megapixel camera has f / 2.2 Aperture and the 8 megapixel camera has f / 1.8 Aperture, then with the 8 megapixel camera you will be able to take better pictures. 5 things to look out for when buying a refurbished smartphone

Image Stabilization

The image stabilization feature helps in better photo clicking in the early stages. If you are not a professional photographer, then moving the hand during photography does not give a clear picture, in which case the stabilization feature helps a lot in taking a clear image. In this, the image is stabilized with the help of software. Currently optical image stabilization is used. In this, the image is stabilized with the help of sensors, which helps in taking a better picture even in the event of moving hands. 5 tips to save smartphone battery

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