These five cool features make your smartphone even more smart

Smartphones have seen a rapid change in the last few years. We can see a lot of change in the smartphones of the last decade and the smartphones of these days. Therefore, nowadays our smartphones have become our partner. These days, many such features are also given in budget smartphones that you do not get to see even in the computer of the 90s. You do not use your smartphone only for texting, calling and browsing the Internet. Nor is it used for cameras and social media. You treat your smartphone as a complete package.

These five cool features make your smartphone even more smart
5 cool things Your Smartphone can do as you Stay Home and Stay Safe

Your smartphone has now become a TV, camera, calculator, clock, alarm clock, music player for you. You can use it according to your own. Apart from all these things, you can also do many smart tasking to your smartphone. Today we are going to tell you about five such cool things which makes your smartphone even smarter.

5 cool things your smartphone can do

QR Code Scanner

Your smartphone can also act as a QR code scanner for you. We mostly use QR codes for making payments. Apart from this we can use QR Code Scanner for the address of a website, social media profiles, electronic identities etc. These days due to the ongoing corona epidemic, we are following touch less and social distancing. In such a situation, your smartphone can be a better friend for you. By scanning the QR codes, we can do a lot of touch less tasks. In such a situation, your smartphone can help in this. Smartphone manufacturer companies have added features to their UI that make your smartphone a great QR code scanner. Whether you are using a smartphone with ColosOS, MIUI, OneUI, OxygenOS or any UI, you will definitely get this feature. NEARBY SHARE: Transfer files between two phones without any app

Document Scanner

It happens many times that we have to scan our important document. In such a situation, your smartphone can be helpful for you. By the way, many types of apps will also be found on the app store of smartphones through which you can scan your document. But, these features are inbuilt with the cameras of many smartphones coming today. As soon as you click the photo of a document, it will give you the option of scanning. This is software development using machine learning and artificial intelligence in the user interface used by smartphone manufacturing companies. A similar SuperText feature has been provided in OPPO ColosOS 7.1 which gives an option to scan your document as well as edit it. You will also get such cool feature in Samsung OneUI 2.0. Top 5 free android apps you must have

Virtual 3d Object

In this era of corona virus infection, we are leaving our homes only when needed. In such a situation, you can do a virtual tour using Augmented Reality (AR) feature of your smartphone. You can experience virtual 3D objects in your camera frame using AR. These days, you will find this AR feature in all brands of smartphones. Whether it is Samsung OneUI's AR Zone or ColotOS7's AR Sticker feature, you can experience this feature in every smartphone manufacturer's devices. 5 tips to save smartphone battery

Advanced AI Experience

For the past few years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has taken smartphones to a different level. Due to AI technology, the smartphone's camera is not just a camera, it has become a smart tool. App preloading has become possible due to AI. This is the reason that apps these days do not take much time to load. Smartphone reduces the loading time of any app by optimizing the AI ​​algorithm. Because of which you can open apps faster and can do their work. Tips to buy best camera phone

Smart Multitasking

Multitasking has become common these days for smartphones. You get features like one hand mode in smartphones. With the help of this feature, you will be able to see many apps on screen and use it simultaneously. In Samsung and OPPO smartphones you get one hand mode. By the way, other brands are also working on this feature these days. WhatsApp smart search feature rolled out

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