Paytm launches Mini App Store in India to replace Google Play Store


| Paytm was de-listed from the Play Store in September

| Paytm challenges Google with an Indian app store

| Paytm Mini App store launched in India

Paytm has launched its Mini App Store on the Google Play Store in India. The popular payment app was temporarily removed from the Play Store in September. At that time, Paytm said that Google's move was unfair. Paytm wants to boost the ecosystem of Indian app makers on the Mini App Store and for this the company is offering a dedicated app store on its payment app itself.

Paytm challenges Google with an Indian app store
Paytm launches Mini App Store in India to replace Google Play Store

Google announced that all apps that sell digital goods are required to use the Google Play billing system that cuts 30% on all payments made within an app. Only after this announcement, this new development has emerged. Following this announcement, more than 150 startups including Paytm, MakeMyTrip, PolicyBazaar, RazerPay, ShareChat were reportedly working together to form an alliance to launch the Indian App Store. Paytm-launched Mini App Store has over 300 app-based services from companies such as Decathalon, Ola, Rapido, Netmeds, Domino's Pizza, Ovenstory Pizza, McDonald's and more.

On the Mini App Store, Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma said "Paytm Mini App Store empowers our young Indian developers to leverage our access and payments to create new innovative services. For Paytm users, it will be a seamless experience that does not require any separate download and enables them to use their preferred payment option".

What is Paytm Mini App and how to use it?

Paytm Mini App Store offers over 300 app based services including custom built mobile websites and provides an app-like experience and does not require users to download any other app. These listings and services are being provided at no charge, Paytm said. Apart from this, the app maker is offering Paytm Wallet, UPI, Net Banking and Debit / Credit Cards options for various types of payments.

Additionally, Paytm provides developers with a dashboard to keep track of analytics, performance, payments and other tools that allow them to connect directly with users. The company also revealed that this mini app store was being tested in beta stage with a select few users and has attracted over 12 million visitors in September alone.

 Paytm's Mini App Store lists app-based services that use HTML and JavaScript to create mobile websites that provide users with an app-like experience. The app is listed in various categories, including mini-app store shopping, healthcare, food ordering, travel, news, utilities and services, financial services, education, lifestyle, astrology, music, mini-games and live TV.

To check the Paytm mini app store, Android users will have to open the Paytm app on their phones and scroll to the New Discover tab. Here a mini app store button will be found which will take the users to the listing page within the app itself. Users will not need to download any separate app for this.

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