Indian Army launches WhatsApp like messaging app SAI

The Indian Army has developed its own messaging app similar to the messaging app WhatsApp. The Indian Army's messaging app has been launched under the name Security Application for the Internet - SAI. This messaging app is introduced for Android smartphones with end to end secure voice, text and video calling support. This app has been launched with an aim to protect the intelligence information of the intelligence agency. Read Also- WhatsApp trick: You can check someone's WhatsApp status without letting them know

Indian Army Messaging App SAI

Talking to The Times of India, an officer said that SAI is a simple and secure messaging app, which is introduced on Android platform with end to end secure voice, text and video calling service. This app will be used for secure messaging within the entire army. Read Also- How to change number on WhatsApp

This report has claimed that this app was first developed by Colonel Sai Shankar. He is the Commanding Officer of the Signal Unit in Rajasthan. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh praised Colonel Sai Shankar for his "skill and talent" for developing this app. Read Also- Trick to listen audio silently on WhatsApp without earphone 

This app is initially being rolled out for Android users. Later it will also be launched on the iOS platform. Work has begun for this app on the iOS platform. According to the report, the National Informatics Center is in the process of hosting the intellectual property right and infrastructure of the app. Read Also- Learn how to change text style and size on WhatsApp

The Indian Army had a few days ago directed the military personnel not to use WhatsApp. Along with this, the army was also asked to delete Facebook account. Read Also- New feature in WhatsApp, messages will be automatically deleted at set time

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