5 tips to save smartphone battery

In today's time, life is incomplete without a smartphone. Due to the frequent use of cell phones, we often do not have time to charge the battery. In such a situation, if you implement these 5 things, then the battery in the mobile will last longer.

how to save mobile battery
How to increase your battery life

5 tips to increase mobile battery life

Keep display brightness low:

Display is an important part of our smartphone. If you keep its brightness higher then it will consume more of your battery. In such a situation, if you do not feel the need for more brightness, keep it less generally. In this way also your battery will be saved. Also Read: 5 things to look out for when buying a refurbished smartphone

Keep Bluetooth and Location Service Off:

Keeping the GPS and Bluetooth on, drains the phone's battery significantly faster. In such a situation, it would be necessary to keep both of them off if not needed. Both these features can be turned off from the Quick Access panel. Also Read: NEARBY SHARE - How to transfer files between two phones without installing any app

Do not use live wallpapers:

When live wallpapers are used, the display updates at higher frequencies. There is also a lot of battery congestion. Apart from refreshing the screen at high rate, it also uses the phone's resources. In such a situation, keeping it closed will prolong the battery life of your phone.

Turn off unwanted background apps:

Apps in the background keep the processor working. In such a situation, these batteries are also consumed. For this reason, in order to reduce processor usage and save battery, turn off all background apps that you are not using. Also Read: Ways to connect to free internet in India

Turn off the Always-On Display feature:

With the help of this feature, we are able to take a quick look of date, time and battery, but by keeping it on all the time, it also drains the phone's battery faster. In such a situation, turn it off or shift to power saving. Also Read: Top 5 free android apps

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