Find your lost mobile phone by IMEI number


| Do you know that you can find your lost phone with the help of IMEI Number?

| What is IMEI Number? How to track IMEI number smartphone? Know everything

Without a SIM card or lack of GPS location and internet accessory, it is seen that you lost everything as soon as you lost your phone, because your phone may contain your personal data, bank details, necessary documents and more, but after it is lost, everything goes out of your hands at once. But you can find what you have lost on your mobile phone, but for this you need the IMEI number of your mobile phone, so you can track your mobile phone very easily, if you have IMEI number.

Find your lost mobile phone by IMEI number

Now we know that with the help of an IMEI number, you can track your lost mobile phone, and can also be found. But have we ever wondered what this IMEI number is, and how a phone can be tracked through it. Today we are going to tell you all this. So let's start and know that with the help of IMEI number, how can you find your Android mobile phone in a pinch ...! Read Also - 5 tips to save smartphone battery

Whats is IMEI Number?

The IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15-digit code authorized by GSMA. You can also call it your phone's identity card. This is similar to a person having an Aadhaar card in a country like India. Whenever a phone is used to receive calls, send and receive messages on any one network. At the same time this IMEI number can be tracked automatically.

However, apart from this, some people also use Bluetooth tracker GPS locator in their phones, through which the smartphone is locked. But doing so limits your mobile phone within a certain range. You can track it by doing this for some distance only. Now suppose if your phone is about 10 meters away from you then you are tracking your phone only through an IMEI number. These 5 ways to get your lost smartphone! 5 must know facts about buying a refurbished smartphone

Where to find this IMEI number? 

It is very easy to get this number, if you want to get it in your Android phone very fast, then you have to press the call button to enter only one code in your mobile phone in your dialpad. , This number is "* # 06 #". As soon as you enter this number, you can easily get the IMEI number of your mobile phone.

However, there is another way in Android mobile phones, through which you can get the IMEI number of your mobile phone without entering any number. For this, you have to go to the settings of your Android mobile phone, after that you have to click on the phone now, and here you will get the IMEI number of your phone.

Although there are many times that even on the reverse side of your mobile phone, you can find this number ie IMEI number, it can be seen just below the battery, but nowadays such mobile phones have started coming in which your phone Cannot disassemble the battery. This means that nowadays most Android smartphones are coming with a non-removable battery. But apart from this, you can easily find the IMEI number on the phone's font, it is also written on the box. Now the question has arisen here, how can you find your mobile phone through it? Read Also - NEARBY SHARE: How to transfer files between two phone without any app

How do police track IMEI number of mobile phone?

As we have also told you above that whenever a call, message etc. is made using any other network from your lost mobile phone, this IMEI number is tracked by the police. Is, through this, the correct location of your phone is found, after which the police are able to find your mobile phone.

The big question here is whether the IMEI number of any stolen mobile phone can be modified, then the answer will be yes, it can be done. Suppose your mobile phone has been stolen, and after this it is unable to be tracked, then let us tell you that its IMEI number has been changed using a technology. The device through which IMEI numbers can be modified is called by the flasher. In this process, the IMEI number is modified by connecting your mobile phone to a computer. After doing this, your mobile phone cannot be found. Your IMEI number can also be blocked in a similar way.

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