WhatsApp trick: You can check someone's WhatsApp status without letting them know

Most of us use Facebook's instant messaging app WhatsApp. This is a great way to stay connected with each other. In this case of Coronavirus, people have been spending most of their time at home on social media apps. In such a situation, users change their profile picture and WhatsApp Status from time to time. Read Also- Advanced Searched Feature rolled out in India for WhatsApp users

We are all aware that whenever we see someone's status on WhatsApp, the person gets to know that who has checked the status. But today we are going to tell you WhatsApp Trick through which you can see WhatsApp status and the other person can't not even know. Read Also- WhatsApp secret and awesome trick, listen to audio silently without earphones

how to disable WhatsApp Read receipt
Check someones WhatsApp status without letting them know

For the information , let us know that a feature of such a work has been given in WhatsApp itself, with the help of which you will see WhatsApp status and no one will know. Let us give you information about what is that WhatsApp Feature . Read Also- How to change text size and text style in WhatsApp

The name of this WhatsApp feature is Read receipt. One of the advantages of this feature is that by disabling this feature, the other person does not know that you have read their message because the blue tick does not come on disabling this feature. Read Also- New feature in WhatsApp, messages will be automatically deleted at set time

On disabling this feature, only the double tick mark is visible to the sender of the message, in such a situation it is not possible to know at what time you have read the message. At the same time, this feature has another advantage. Read Also- How to activate Dark Mode on WhatsApp

How to enable or disable Read Receipt in WhatsApp

To disable the read receipt feature, first go to WhatsApp settings. After that you have to tap on the privacy option in the account section. Here the option of read receipt will be available, you have to disabled it. Read Also- How to change WhatsApp number

As soon as you disable this feature, after that whenever you see someone's WhatsApp status, they will not know that you have checked their status. Read Also- Another very important security feature added to WhatsApp Web

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