Another amazing feature to be added in WhatsApp, biometric feature will also be upgraded

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp is testing another new feature soon. Users will soon be able to join a group call. According to the report coming out, WhatsApp is testing its new join missed call feature. This feature has been highlighted in Android Beta version Apart from this, the biometric lock feature and face unlock feature of Whastapp will also be enhanced. WhatsApp supports both Face ID and Touch ID features in Biometric. However, both these features are not currently rolled out for Android users.

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join missed call feature
WhatsApp may introduce join missed call feature also enhance biometric lock

According to a WABetaInfo report, this feature has been spotted in beta version, which was rolled out for Android. This new feature came out that can be rolled out for users in the next few weeks or months. The first of these new features of WhatsApp is "Join Missed Call", in this feature users can join by making a missed call in any ongoing group call. Currently, to connect someone to an ongoing group call, the group call has to be disconnected.

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Apart from this feature, WhatsApp is about to upgrade its biometric unlock feature. This feature will be rolled out for Android users at the moment. Apart from these two features, there are many more features to be added to WhatsApp including voice and video call support for web and desktop users. Also, features such as mute notifications and new user interfaces for the group are included. WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded apps in India. This instant messaging service has more than 400 million users in India.

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