Advance Search feature rolled out in India for WhatsApp users

WhatsApp has rolled out its new Advance Search feature in India. This feature has currently been rolled out for WhatsApp Business account users. It can also be rolled out soon for other WhatsApp users. However, no statement has been made by the company about this feature at the moment. In this Advance search feature of WhatsApp Business, users will be able to search for photos, videos, links, GIF, audio and documents. Apart from this, WhatsApp is soon going to roll out many more new features for its users. WhatsApp secret and awesome trick 

WhatsApp advance search feature
WhatsApp advance search features is rolled out for business users in India

WhatsApp Business users have started getting this new feature in India. If this feature is not available in your WhatsApp, then you update your app with the latest patch. This feature has been rolled out for Android users. If you want to search for photos, videos, links, GIF, audio or any document shared through WhatsApp, then you can easily search through this feature. For this, you just have to go into the search box and tap on the file name and its icon. How to change WhatsApp number

Users have been demanding this feature for a long time. Users had trouble searching any file shared on WhatsApp, after which the company has developed this feature. Now users can easily search any shared file. For this, they do not have to scroll long nor have any difficulty. New security feature added to WhatsApp Web

These features will also roll out soon

WhatsApp will soon roll out many more features for its users, among which are multi-device support, customizable wallpaper, expanding message or message destruction and vacation mode. These features of WhatsApp have recently been spotted with beta updates. Along with these features, an advanced search feature was also spotted, which is currently rolled out. Dark mode on WhatsApp

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