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| Apply for learning license while sitting at home

| This is the way to build a driving license

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Driving License is one of the important documents and if you drive any type of vehicle, driving license is the necessary document for you. If you have to build a driving license, it is a good opportunity and you can easily do it while sitting at home. Learning license has to be made before the driving license. Let us tell you how you can apply online for learning license.

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The learning license you need a blood group report, passport size photo, 10th certificate for date of birth. Also, you will need a document of ration card, voter ID card, Aadhaar card, electricity bill or water bill. Let us say that due to lockdown and infection, the license is not being tested in many states, so first get information about your state's rule and then apply.

Sample Driving License

How to apply for learning license?

First Click Here and then choose your state and then go to the option of New Learners License from the options on the left side. However, Sarthi does not authorized in some states like Madhya Pradesh. For Madhya Pradesh Click Here.

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Then a new page will open with some guidelines and click on the continued option to read it. Click the Submit button when the new page opens.

You will then have an application page in which you will be asked for information such as RTO office, your name, home address, blood group, date of birth, place of birth, mobile number, any trace on the body for identification, etc. Then you also have to tell which vehicle you want to have a license.

After submitting the application fee, note the application number and keep it. Then you will get a date for the driving test and you will get a learning license when you succeed. After learning, you have to apply for driving license.

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