These are the best unlimited broadband plans


| If you are looking for the best unlimited data plan and you do not know about which service provider you should choose, then today we have brought you a solution to this problem.

| Today we are going to tell you about the top 10 service providers of the country who give you unlimited broadband plans in different cities in India.

| In different parts of the country, this plan can be found in different prices and with different services.

When we talk about mobile subscription, India comes second in this case. However if we talk about broadband connection this place becomes 10, which is a figure of about 17,856,024. It means big but India is a big country and its population is also very large. In view of this, this figure seems very low. If we look at some figures, then we tell you that there are only 1.33 subscribers per 100 people in the country. This is the reason why India slips to 126 position in the global ranking. 

best unlimited broadband plans
These are the best unlimited broadband plans

Now if you are a person who is looking for a broadband connection, or you already have a wi fi connection, then today we are going to tell you all kinds of things for you. However, like me, everyone has this in mind that we should go to which service provider? Now the answer to this question can be found exactly where you live, or the question depends on where you live. Now at this place you also have to see how many service providers are present here. It may also happen that the largest service providers of the country are also present in your area.

Now if you are looking for an unlimited broadband plan or are looking for a good service provider, then let us know that you are at the right place. Because we have prepared a list today. In this list, we have included the largest service providers in the country. Who offer great services through their unlimited plans.

Now if you watch a lot of content through OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Disney + Hotstar etc. Or download from here etc. If you download big games for your PC or console, then you need more data, so you need an unlimited plan that will meet your needs. Now today we are going to tell you about such service providers that can fulfill your need, so let's start and know about them…

These are the best unlimited broadband plans


Jio has a plan starting at Rs 699 which provides speeds up to 100Mbps but it comes with a 200GB FUP. The company has several plans which are Gold, Demond, Platinum, and Titanium Plans.It is available for users of Rs 1299, Rs 2499, Rs 3,999 and Rs 8499 respectively and offer FUP of 1000GB, 2500GB, 5000GB and 10000GB respectively.


If we talk about Airtel broadband, then it is working in more than 100 cities in India. Now in this case, talk about unlimited broadband plans of Airtel, technically, in the base plan priced at Rs 799, you are getting 100 Mbps speed, in addition if you make it 999 +, then the plan with 150GB FUP Can be used. You can also enjoy airtel xstream with these plans.


According to the website in all MTNL plans, you are getting FUP limit, where after the FUP hits, the speed of your plan gets 1 or 2 Mbps. There is a TriBUL data-3499 plan priced at Rs 3499 which gives you 8 Mbps downloading speed with unlimited data.


Even with BSNL all the plans are getting FUP limit and I can get a plan with 600GB of FUP, but it is not in line with our limit of 1000GB, although it can still be called unlimited in some sense beyond this.


ACT has Fibernet plans in many states of the country. All the plans of the company have FUP limit, so now let's take a look at these plans which offer 1000GB and above per month. To start with, we have an AC Platinum promo plan in which users get a promo offer of 150Mbps with 1000GB data cap and 1000GB extra data promo with 999+ tax per month. After FUP, the speed is reduced to just 1Mbps. ACT also has an ACT DIAMOND plan, in which users are given 150Mbps speed, apart from this 1250GB of data is available for Rs 2349 per month. Then there is the ACT REMARKABLE plan offering 125Mbps speed with data cap. It is available for Rs 2999 per month with 1500GB data.


SPECTRANET provides speeds up to 1Gbps in areas where it is available. Despite being available in 6 cities, it is only available in limited areas. Being a hardcore internet user and fond of gaming, I need more internet, I stream in 4K on many of my devices, even during lockdown I don't reach 1000GB in a month. The price of 1 Gbps plan is Rs 2999 + tax in Noida, but you should check the availability in your area.


You Broadband India Limited is now the property of Vodafone Idea, and lets you know that it is providing its broadband connection in about 18 cities of the country. If these service providers are in your area, then they tell you that you are going to get the best broadband plans through it. Let us tell you that the broadband plans that it has are from 15Mbps to 60Mbps speed. If we discuss the price, then we tell you that you can get a connection of 20Mbps for the price of Rs 750, which goes up to 60Mbps for the price of Rs 2000. Also company offers you plans with validity of 95, 200, 400 and more days.


All EXCITEL plans provide unlimited data. The service is available in 5 cities across India. According to the website, the service is available in Delhi (NCR), Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bangalore and Lucknow. The company has plans ranging from 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps high speeds internet service. Talking about the price, we tell you that the 50Mbps plan starts at Rs 695 and the 300Mbps plan goes up to Rs 999.


Gigatel comes as another local player in the broadband space. He is working in East of Kailash, Lajpat Nagar, Kalkaji, Masjid Moth, Greater Kailash, Okhla, CR Park, Kailash Colony, Green Park and Saket. The company has plans ranging from 20Mbps to 100Mbps, ranging from Rs 599 per month to Rs 999 per month.


Offering broadband connectivity in 6 cities, Hathway offers the least attractive plans. Sure, it offers speeds of up to 150Mbps, but all come with a capped FUP. In Delhi, it also has a 10Mbps plan. In some other circles, it has unlimited plans all of which give you speeds up to 2Mbps only.

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