Before buying a second hand phone, be sure to take care of these things

Before buying an old smartphone, keep in mind some special things so that you can get a better phone at a lower price.

When your budget is low and you want to have an expensive smartphone, then refurbished phone (used or old phone) can prove to be a better option for you. Along with new smartphones in India, the market for refurbished smartphones is also growing rapidly. Many shops and many e-commerce sites in the market deal in refurbished smartphones. When buying an old phone, it is very important to take care of some things for a better deal. In our news, we are telling you five such things.

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1. Seller should be reliable

Before buying any old phone, the most important thing to keep in mind is that whatever store or seller you are buying the phone from, it should be reliable. Also, before you buy the phone, find out if the phone is stolen. There are many companies or websites in the market to check refurbished phones.

2. Accessories are original

Before purchasing an old smartphone, the second important thing to keep in mind is that all the accessories given with the phone are original. If the phone accessories are not original, the value of the phone decreases. Also, using fake accessories also affects the performance of the phone. In this case, check all the accessories found with the phone. suppose that you a buying an iphone x refurbished phone then you must check all accessories are from Apple.

3. Phone should be unlocked

Before purchasing a refurbished phone, take the initiative to check that the phone is not locked on any particular network. If this happens, your phone will not work on that network. When buying a refurbished phone, you are not tied to any particular network, you can choose the network and data plan of your choice. If the phone is locked on a network, then get it unlocked, because many times companies ask for this money which will increase the price of your phone. In many cases famous Apple made phones like iphone 7 plus refurbished phone is locked.

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4. Check the phone warranty

Before buying a refurbished phone, take the details related to that phone. Also, check the warranty date of the phone. If you are buying a phone from a trusted seller, then the warranty papers of the device should also be with him. Most smartphone companies offer 60 days and 12 months of warranty on their devices. Warranties are often given on the basis of bill. In such a situation, wherever you are buying an old phone, take its bill with it. Many old phones are out of warranty like refurbished iphone 6s plus, so check warranty before buying an old phone.

5. Check the quality

Before purchasing a refurbished phone, check its quality. Obviously, there will be a difference in the condition of new and old phones. In such a situation, see if the old smartphone you are paying is worth it or not. For this, e-commerce sites offer options like condition poor, excellent or good with the product.

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