JIO FIBER Launches Cheap Unlimited Broadband Plan, know everything

A new tariff plan has been introduced by JioFiber for its new users, this plan is going to be available to all from 1 September. If we discuss the press release revealed by Jio, then according to this it is known that a new non-conditioned 30-day free trial plan has been launched by Jio Fiber, this plan has been launched to celebrate “Naye India ka Naya Josh ”.

JIO FIBER Launches Cheap Unlimited Broadband Plan

Free trial for 30 days

Talking about this plan of JioFiber, let us tell you that all the new customers are getting 150Mbps speed internet from Jio without any condition, although you are getting it for 30 days free trial. Apart from this, let us tell you that new customers are also getting 4K set box with 10 OTT app subscription from company.

However, not only that, we tell you that according to this program, you are going to get plans from Rs 399 to Rs 1,499 i.e. Jio Fiber Plan. Here, let us tell you that you will also get different speeds with different plans which fall in this category.

What is unique about JIOFIBER PLAN

Let us tell you that you are getting unlimited internet in JioFiber Home Tariff Plans, apart from this you are also getting great speed in all home plans, as we have also told you above that you have different plans with all different speeds. The starting price of these tariff plans is Rs 399 per month.

What JIOFIBER's current customers are getting

All existing customers can avail these services by upgrading their plans. Apart from this, let us tell you that if a customer is connected to Jio Fiber between August 15 to 31, then he will also get the benefit of this 30 day free trial, you will get it as a voucher in MyJio.

Apart from this, in a statement from Jio it has also been said that if anyone does not like this service, Jio is going to withdraw this service without any question. That is, if you do not like this service, then you can stop it, and on doing so, you will not be asked a single question from Jio.

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