How to get free internet

Have you also searched for free internet, free wifi near me, airtel free internet, idea free internet, vodafone free internet, wifi for free, free net, jio free net etc. If yes then you must stay on the post. Today I am sharing one of the best trick to get free internet. Thousands of peoples get benefit on this free internet trick & it's working in all Over World.

free wifi near me
Ways to connect to free internet in India

Tips to connect to free internet

1) Apps to find free wifi near me

There are quite a few apps that look for free WiFi access for you and some even maintain a database for all the spots around India. Apps like Swift WiFi, Wibrate and WiFire can get you started. Read also- How to book train ticket without money

2) Check the map to search wifi for free

There are many websites that give you these services. WiFi Space for instance claims to have an accurate map, so that maybe a good place to start. Again, be sure to look up as many websites as possible, unfortunately a little research is the name of the game here.

3) Walk into a cafe for free internet

Almost every cafe will give you access to free public WiFi hotspots in the country and if you ask nicely, maybe even the secured, faster network. Seriously, there are even some restaurants that give you access to hotspots. So the next time you are in one, search for a free WiFi network, you will find one. See also- Best unlimited broadband plans

4) Visit a Mall to get free net

Probably, the second largest free WiFi network in India after rail stations, Malls are aplenty and filled with freely accessible WiFi connections. Walk into one and see your WiFi finder go crazy with an overload of signals coming from everywhere. Some of these may require you input your phone number or enroll into a loyalty program in exchange for access, so you might want to read what you are getting into.

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