Is PUBG MOBILE the Chinese app?

Korean company Bluehole has made the game

Chinese company Tencent has prepared the mobile app of the game

PUBG MOBILE is banned in China

ban on PUBG game in India
Is PUBG MOBILE the Chinese app
India are boycotting Chinese products due to border tension. The effect of this boycott can also be seen on the apps found in mobile phones. People are deleting apps made by Chinese manufacturers from their phones and are looking for apps that can replace them. If we talk about TikTok etc. apps, then we all know that it is a Chinese app. In such a situation, the question is also arising in the minds of people whether PUBG MOBILE is a Chinese app or not?


PUBG is a Battle Royal game launched in 2017 for PC and gaming consoles. Shortly after launch, PUBG became one of the famous games around the world. In the game 100 players can compete against each other and finally the remaining player serves chicken dinner in PUBG. Brendan Greene (founder of PUBG), has created more popular games like ARMA 2 and Day Z: Battle Royale.

Country of origin of PUBG MOBILE

The game was created for PC by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Korean game maker Bluehole. The Korean manufacturer has partnered with China's big gaming company Tencent to enter the Chinese gaming market. Tencent has also introduced a mobile version of the game. The game quickly took hold in China but the Chinese government did not allow its monetization.

Is PUBG MOBILE banned in China?

Yes, the game is banned in China because the government believes that it is about to commit violence and it will negatively impact the youth. According to the report, the government also says that due to this game, people will not be able to fully focus on their career. To protect the youth from the addiction of the game, the government has banned it.

In this way, Tencent had to cancel the game in China, but they designed the Game for Peace, a cloned version of the game. According to the report, this cloned version of PUBG MOBILE has been projected as a petriotic game so that the Chinese government will allow this app and the government has done so.

Is PUBG MOBILE the Chinese app?

Yes, the mobile version of the game has been created by Chinese company Tencent and thus it becomes a Chinese app. However, the original country of the game is not China, and the game was actually created by Korean gaming company Bluehole. Tencent has a 10 percent share with Bluehole and other gaming companies such as Riot Games, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard etc.

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