corona virus
corona virus
There is good news for the world battling Corona's killer virus. After China, now a reputed Australian lab has developed the corona virus medicine. After the preparation of this drug made by combining two drugs, they have started testing on humans. Both these drugs were earlier used in the treatment of AIDS and malaria.

These drugs have eliminated the corona virus in the lab. It is believed that by the end of this month, trials of these drugs on corona patients will begin. Donors from around the world have given money for this whole trial. David Petersen, director of the Clinical Research Center at Queensland University, said, "These drugs have already treated patients in Australia and the results have been successful." However, this has been done in a controlled and comparative manner.

Large scale clinical trial of medicine

Petersen said, "We want to conduct a large-scale clinical trial across Australia at 50 hospitals." We will see what effect it is on having one drug vs. another drug versus both drugs. ' Meanwhile, Stanford University said on Friday that chloro quine, the first drug used for malaria, has shown good results in China and Singapore.

There is also evidence that the medicine given on AIDS has also had good results in China. However, China has not provided data for this test. However, the claim of 12 thousand patients recovering from chloro quine in China has been rejected. Petersen said that given both of these drugs in laboratory tests, it has led to signs that it has been found that Corona has been 'treated'.

It will take 18 months to make a vaccine

Indeed, as the worldwide epidemic of corona has progressed, efforts for its vaccine have intensified, but it is believed that corona vaccine may take at least 18 months to arrive. Efforts are underway to make the corona vaccine worldwide. A vaccine has been made in China, which has begun testing on humans.

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