Corona virus (COVID-19) continues to be a major health concern worldwide and people in India are worried about the possibility of Corona virus in some cities. Corona virus has knocked in Delhi, Noida, Jaipur, and Hyderabad. Here persons have been found affected by the corona virus. This disease has killed many people globally. People are taking many precautions to avoid the virus, but with this a lot of misinformation is spreading online. Here we are telling you 10 such things which are spreading online and these things should not be considered correct.

Corona virus

Special mask claims for Corona virus

There is no specific mask available to prevent Corona virus. So, if you get an online advertisement that claims such a mask, don't believe it.

N95 or Surgical mask

Health experts are constantly stating that only the mask does not take full security responsibility and it is important to know that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is small in size and can easily reach you despite the N95 mask. Therefore a better mask is not a debate between N95 or surgical masks.

Do not check or buy any medicines, oils etc. online to prevent Corona virus.

There is no cure for corona virus yet. Do not get caught in such claims which have been said by some product to remove this virus. This can be a trick to save money. Do not get knowledgeable about corona virus on any unregulated website.

No official kit

There is no official kit available to prevent the virus, so do not get caught in such false advertisements.

False news on social media

During this time, do not get caught in false news or videos spreading on Tiktok, Whatsapp etc. 

Do not consult with anyone other than doctors

Do not consult with YouTubers or influencers regarding Corona virus. And avoid spreading false news.

Do not check online systems

If there is a suspicion of the virus, consult a doctor directly and do not go online to check the symptoms associated with the corona virus

Avoid sharing unverified articles, videos, etc.

Do not share videos and articles received on your phone that have not been verified. In this way, fear can develop in people.

Do not get caught in emails regarding corona virus

The Corona virus continues to be a major concern around the world and is sending false emails in the name of WHO or other Global Organizations to spread cyber-criminal malware and trap people.

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