iPhone 12 shows in YouTube video, three models will be launched

The final design of the Apple iPhone 12 is seen in a YouTube video. The company can launch this series in September this year. The top variant of this series i.e. iPhone 12 Pro can come with 6.3 or 6.44 inch display.

The Apple iPhone 12 Series is scheduled to be launched this year. The company may launch this new series in early September 2020. There is still a few months left for the new iPhones to arrive, but the news and leaks related to this are constantly coming out. Recently, an Apple blogger from Japan showed 3D printed models of the upcoming iPhone series 12 in a YouTube video. He says that this 3D printed dummy is from the inside of the Apple supply chain.

iPhone 12 renders
iPhone 12

Three models can be launched

The leak states that the company will offer three different iPhones under this series. It will have two iPhone 12s with 5.3 inch and 5.9 inch size. At the same time, the top variant of this series i.e. iPhone 12 Pro can come with 6.3 or 6.44 inch display. It is being told that the iPhone 12 Pro can get a triple rear camera setup similar to the iPhone 11 launched last year. At the same time, a dual camera setup will be provided in the standard iPhone 12.

Apple has been following the trend since 2017

The claims being made in this leak about the iPhone 12 are largely similar to the leaks that came out a few days ago. It is quite likely that Apple will continue the tradition of launching three separate iPhones with the iPhone 12 as well.

The company is following the trend of launching three models from the year 2017. This year Apple launched cheap iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with iPhone X. At the same time, last year Apple released the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Continuation of leaks will continue

At the same time, even if these designs are considered true, there is every possibility of the company giving it a few days before the launch. As we said earlier that the iPhone 12 is still a long time to be launched, that's why the new leaks associated with this phone are going to continue. In such a situation, it is too early to believe in any one completely.

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