Xiaomi patents dual-sided smartphones with wraparound displays

Various dual display smartphones were introduced last year. Consider for example the Vivo NEX Dual Display and the Meizu Pro 7 Dual Screen. Xiaomi added a little extra in October 2019 with the introduction of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha concept smartphone. This mobile phone has a flexible continuous screen, also known as a surround display.

A recently published patent indicates that Xiaomi has more creative ideas for a smartphone with a flexible screen. These are two models, they are not foldable telephones, but the display extends all the way to the rear.

At the end of 2018, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software filed a remarkable patent in its home country of China. On January 10, 2020, the design patent was also included in the WIPO Global Design Database. The patent entitled "Mobile Phone" shows two smartphone models, both with a flexible screen.

There are 11 images of the first design (model A), three of which are color renders that show the device from all sides. This double-sided smartphone has an almost full screen design in which the display extends through the left side of the phone to the rear. The entire back also consists of a screen surface, with the exception of a narrow band, which incorporates a triple camera system.

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Xiaomi Dual Side Smartphone Model A

It is a kind of simplified variant of the Mi Mix Alpha. This time Xiaomi has chosen to place the camera band on the extreme side, so only one of the two sides is rounded. On the other side - seen from the front - a thin metal frame is visible, which is equal in size to the top and bottom.

About 10 images of the second design (model B) are available, also with this model two color renders have been added. This Xiaomi smartphone is a flexible screen that runs through the top to the back. This device looks very stylish and consists almost entirely of screen surface. The triple camera system is integrated into the screen, comparable to a hole-punch camera.
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Xiaomi Dual Side Smartphone Model B

The frame border at the bottom is slightly wider at the rear than at the front, possibly with sensors being incorporated. There are no further buttons visible, making the phone look particularly sleek.

Samsung also patented a similar type of smartphone with a continuous screen last year. The Xiaomi device looks very futuristic, with the Samsung model a significantly larger frame border was visible at the bottom, both at the front and at the back.

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