WhatsApp secret and awesome trick, listen to audio silently without earphones

WhatsApp has many tricks that can be used to double the fun of chatting and media files sharing. Here we are telling you about a similar trick so that you can listen to audio files secretly without using earphones.

WhatsApp secret and awesome trick
Listen to audio silently without earphones in WhatsApp

WhatsApp users share audio files in addition to photo-video during chatting with friends and family. However, it often happens that it is not possible to listen to that audio file due to a meeting or lack of earphones. At the same time, if this audio file is played by mistake, you may also face embarrassment. If you too often face this problem, then you do not have to worry anymore. Here we are telling you a trick that will enable you to listen to audio files silently without earphones.

Trick for audio file

Now whenever you are in a situation where it is not possible to play audio files, you can try this trick. For this, you play the audio file and take the phone immediately to the ear. By doing this the audio of the played file will come out of the earpiece of the phone instead of the speaker. Doing this will make people around you feel like you are on a call. Please note that this trick only works for audio files and you cannot use it for video files.

Trick for privacy

The most important thing about this trick is that you can listen to the audio files in WhatsApp without earphones and nobody will know what you heard in the audio. It also maintains your privacy when there is no earphone. WhatsApp comes with many hidden tricks and is one of them. However, not many users knew about this trick.

Changed audio recording method

Last year, WhatsApp rolled out a new feature to record audio files. Now users do not have to press and hold the mic button to record audio. Now users have to drag the mic button upwards to record audio. Recording will start as soon as this is done.

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