Types of Washing Machines – A quick & easy guide for you

All types of washing machines available today do a decent job of washing clothes. What confuses us as a consumer is -- the variety. As you or as any other buyer out there, I would first check which type of washing machine would be better suited for my situation. Every family has different needs. And who likes wasting money on an appliance which doesn’t fulfill their requirements? In this post we are going to discuss about Types Of Washing Machines.

washing machines types
types of washing machines

Here’s the list of types of washing machines:

1. Semi Automatic Top Loading

Semi Automatic Washing Machine
Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Semi-automatic washing machines have two tubs, but you cannot wash and dry clothes at the same time, only one tub works at a time. Washer and dryer are separated but in the same body. That’s why it is known as “semi-automatic.” A semi-automatic system requires manual action after each step (washing, rinsing & drying).

2. Fully Automatic Top Loading

Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

It will do everything automatically without even you being present around it. It can automatically decide how much water it requires and even fills the tub with the necessary quantity of water. Rinsing is also automatic, and so is drying part. All that you need is suitable plumbing -- a tap with flowing water and a drain pipe to drain off the water.

3. Front Loading washing machine- washer and dryer combo

Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The tub opens in the front of this type of machine. Again, they are fully automatic with different wash and dry programs to suit your needs. Yeah, just like top-loading fully-automatic machine.

4. Front Loading washing machine- Stackable with separate washer and dryer

Front-loading washing machine- Stackable
Front-loading washing machine- Stackable with separate washer and dryer

You can wash and dry clothes at the same time and hence save time. You may want to wash clothes in batches. Once the washing part completes for the first bunch of clothes, you can put them in the dryer and at the same time… you can wash another set of clothes.

Types of different washing systems

1. Agitator

Agitator In Washing Machine
Agitator In Washing Machine

An agitator system has a rod protruding from the center. It is quite a cumbersome task to separate wet clothes wrapped around the agitator.

2. Impeller/ Pulsator

Pulsator In Washing Machine
Impeller In Washing Machine

The basic difference is that the agitator has a rod at the center while impeller is almost flat. Impeller system is much more modern. Almost all of the top loading machines available in the market today come with this system of removing the dirt out of the clothes.

3. Tub/ Drum/ Tumbler

Tumbler In Front Load Washing Machine
Tub In Front Load Washing Machine

The front-loaders come with tub/ drum/ tumbler system to agitate the clothes. Few machines have steel drums while others have plastic drums.
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