Vivo iQOO 5G
Vivo iQOO 5G
It is common to see OEMs roll out a sub-brand with product offerings different from the main brand. Xiaomi had the Redmi sub-brand, Huawei still maintains the Honor sub-brand, OPPO – Realme and Vivo– iQOO. But in recent times, the brands have often spun the sub-brands to become independent brands.

On its part, the iQOO brand was launched as a gaming phone brand just like Xiaomi’s Black Shark. We can’t say if as an independent brand it will still focus on gaming phones or expand its product offering. The report didn’t give details in that regard or reveal what phone model will be released under the separated iQOO brand. We wait for an official statement from Vivo.

This is similar to what Xiaomi did with the POCO brand recently. Xiaomi last year announced the separation of the Redmi brand from the main Mi brand. Apart from Xiaomi, other Chinese OEMs like OPPO recently announced the Realme brand has become an independent brand, all in an effort to expand the product category and grab more market shares. Redmi and Realme were initially unveiled as mid-range and budget models. But now have flagship models under their catalogues.


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