Fraudsters changing phone numbers in google

The cases of fraud caused by Google search are increasing rapidly. In this, hackers cleverly change the real number given in Google search. With the theft of users' money, the data in the phone can also be hacked through this fraud.

fraudsters changing phone numbers in google
fraudsters changing phone numbers in google

Online fraud is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid. In this type of scam, hackers are also accessing personal details along with the theft of users' money. Google search is the most used for this type of forgery. Vicious hackers cleverly manipulate users into their web by changing the numbers given in Google search. Google does not verify the numbers given in Google search and hackers are taking advantage of this. Google search is full of fake contact details, addresses and websites. That is why here we are telling you some important things from which you can protect yourself from such fraud.

Do not search for banking websites. Searching banking websites in Google may cost you dearly. You can become a victim of a phishing attack. It would be better to use the official website of the bank for online banking related work.

Do not trust customer care number

There have been many cases in the last few months in which fake customer care numbers were fraudulent with users. Do not trust any customer care number given in Google search. Hackers change these numbers very comfortably. To avoid online scams, it is better to call the customer care number given on the company's official website.

Do not download app from Google search

Smartphone users often prefer to install new software in the device from Google search. This can be dangerous because the hackers can send malicious codes to your phone. These codes are used to steal the details in the phone. To download or update the app, use only verified sources such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Do not search government websites

Hackers can also duplicate government websites to fraud. Hackers cleverly copy the fonts and layout of government websites. It is usually not easy to get hold of it. It would be better to search for the government website from Google search instead of directly accessing it through the correct url.

Do not login to social media accounts

Many users make this mistake in this era of social media. Never use Google search to login to any of your social media accounts. Always login by entering the correct url of social media in the address box. Failure to do so will increase the risk of social media account getting hacked.
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