Facebook Dark Mode: Dark theme is getting on Facebook, waiting for Android users is over

Dark theme is getting on Facebook
Dark theme is getting on Facebook
Recently, Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp has rolled out Dark Mode for its Android beta users. Now this update has also been given to Android users by Facebook. For the Android app of popular social network, the company had been preparing to bring dark mode for a long time and the leaks associated with it were constantly coming out. Now in a new online report, a lot of users are getting the feature of dark theme in Facebook app.

According to the Android Police report, a lot of Facebook app users are getting the dark theme feature in the app on the Android platform. Gradually this feature will be rolled out to all users. The company was working on bringing dark mode to its app since 2019, but due to some technical problems, this feature was not rolled out for all users. Even after this, leaks associated with Dark Mode were continuously surfacing on Facebook.

Will also save battery

Facebook has not completely given dark theme users to this feature and it offers dark blue background users like Dark Theme Whatsapp. This has become the fourth app of the Facebook family to get the Dark Mode feature. Prior to this, dark mode feature has been given by the company on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Dark mode has become increasingly popular in the last few years because not only does it help in saving the battery of the device, but it also does not cause eye fatigue even after looking at the screen for a long time. Microblogging site Twitter is also offering dark mode on its app.

Dark mode on whatsapp too

Dark mode has been rolled out for users on WhatsApp too. Let us know that currently the dark mode feature of WhatsApp has come for beta users. To activate this, it is necessary to have a beta version of WhatsApp in your phone. Dark mode has come with v2.20.13 update of WhatsApp beta. If you are also a beta user, then this feature will be available with the update. However, if you are not a beta user, then you will have to wait for this feature to come in stable update. After this the user interface of the app will be in dark green color.
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