5 ways to book LPG gas cylinders easily in India

5 ways to book LPG gas cylinders easily
LPG i.e. Liquefied Petroleum Gas
LPG i.e. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is the most used LPG. LPG is now easily available to users through an extensive distributor network. The Indian government subsidizes the cost of a certain number of cylinders every year, making it cheaper for families to use LPG for their fuel needs.

Booking LPG gas cylinders online was a very difficult task at first because there was only one option to book gas, and that was for the users to go to the LPG dealership on their own. However, now is not the case in today's time. Now three National Suppliers, Bharat Gas, HP Gas and Indane Gas users can easily refill their LPG gas. Today we are going to tell you about this, how you can book your gas online within minutes in just a few steps. You can make these bookings offline as well as online.

Booking of LPG cylinders can now be done by sitting at home at the click of a button. Let us tell you that Indane Gas, HP Gas and Bharat Gas all have their own 'online LPG booking' services, using which you can make booking easily.


There are many advantages to booking gas online. Users can choose to pay through Net Banking or Credit Card. With this, if you are working and cannot take delivery of your refill cylinder, now you can only pre-pay at the time of ordering refill. After the cylinder is delivered, the consumer will get the information through an SMS or Email. To book LPG gas online, go to your LPG provider (HP, Bharat Gas or Indane) website and register. Once registered, you will see the option to book refills online. Then follow the instructions and make your payment online or cash on delivery.


You can also book cylinders through Gas Company's IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System). For this, you have to call the designated number for your region / state and follow the instructions to book the cylinder. For this, you will have to call from your registered phone number after which you will have to provide your customer ID. At the time of booking the cylinder, you will be told your order number and the estimated delivery date, which will be paid on delivery.


You can also get Gas Booking done via just an SMS. For this, you have to first register your mobile number with the gas provider, after which you have to follow a particular format while sending the SMS. SMS will have to be sent to the website of the same gas company whose gas you want to take and you will find this number on the website of the company.


If you are a smartphone users then this option is even easier for you. You can download your favorite gas company app from platforms like Google Play store and iTunes and make your refill booking from there. For this, you first have to register on the mobile app by entering your mobile number, email and OTP.

After registration, you can easily book cylinders, which can be paid online through net-banking with credit / debit cards. Gas companies have also started the option of e-wallet payment for LPG cylinders and you can also use it. You also get information about booking history, customer ID and other details in the app.


You can also book your refill LPG Gas cylinders by visiting the gas agency. If you want to do this, then you have to give your customer number for this. You can pay after Gas Booking after its delivery or you can also pay at the time of booking.
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