Top 5 Free And Best Android Apps (Part-1)

Hello friends, in this post we are going to talk about Top 5 BEST NEW ANDROID APPS that will be useful for you. So if you want to know about these BEST ANDROID APPS then read till the end of this post.

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Top 5 Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

1). WAPunch

WAPunch app
In WAPunch app you will find different features such as: - when you shake your phone then your WhatsApp will open, you can save the WhatsApp status also, any many more features you will get in WAPunch app.

WAPunch features: -

WhatsApp Bubble
WhatsApp Pause
WhatsApp Cleaner
WhatsApp Shortcut
Prank Chat
Status Saver
Square Fit Photo
View Deleted
Message Unsaved Number
Walk & Chat
Ascil Faces

2). UnApp

UnApp app
When we uninstalling apps one by one then it takes enough time but we can save this time by using UnApp which gives us feature to uninstall many apps together. You need to root your phone to use this app.

3). WAStickerApps

WAStickerApps app
Just a few days ago sticker feature has been released to us by WhatsApp. Limited stickers are available only in WhatsApp, but in Sticker Store - WAStickerApps You will get lots of stickers. Apart from this, in this app you will find the category accordingly, stickers are available such as: - PUBG, Harry Potter, Deadpool Etc. And many many more. You can easily add all these stickers In WhatsApp and send it to your friends.

4). Rembo

Rembo app
Rembo app is a reminder app which is different to all other reminder apps. You have to chat with app to set reminder just like google assistant. After setting reminder, this app gives you reminder by calling you. In this app you can set all reminders such as: - Wake Up, Drink Water, To Do List Meeting etc.

5) AutoCaptions

AutoCaptions app
If you are a frequent user of Instagram then this app is very useful for you. You can find Best Captions For Instagram easily by Auto Caption App. Apart from this it will suggest you Hashtags also.

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