Best WordPress Hosting Services

Are you looking for the best WordPress Hosting Services for your WordPress website? Web hosting plays an important role in making any website a success. If you do not choose the best WordPress Hosting Service for your blog or website, it will move your website or blog towards darkness as your website will be in downtime most of the time and will be very slow loading. This completely affects both your website ranking and SEO.

Best Wordpress Hosting

However, there are many web hosting companies in the market, promising to be the best from each hosting company. So choosing the best WordPress hosting service for your website seems to be a difficult task, especially if you are a beginner. Today in this article here we have listed some Best WordPress Hosting Services.

List of best WordPress hosting services

1). BlueHost

In the world of web hosting, Bluehost is a very old reputed and best web hosting company which also gives you 1-year FREE Domain. It is also officially recommended by

If you are looking for a high-quality cheap hosting, then Bluehost hosting is the best for you. Apart from this, Bluehost provides you 24/7 support via phone, email or live chat. If you buy Bluehost and cancel it within 30 days, you will get full refund.

Bluehost provides Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting to start online business. Although its WordPress hosting is a bit expensive, but it is fully WordPress Optimized.

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2). Hostgator

HostGator is also a very reputed and best web hosting company. This provides Faster loading to your website. HostGator promises 99.9% Uptime to your site. Apart from this it provides you 24/7 support for any hosting-related issues through phone, email or live chat. If you buy HostGator hosting and are not satisfied with their service, then you can cancel within 45 days for complete refund.

HostGator also comes with Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting etc.

3). SiteGround

SiteGround is also a very good web hosting provider. Its great customer support, blazing speed, and security attracts users further. It is recommended 3rd hosting company by It uses the latest speed technologies (NGINX-based caching, SSD-drives, PHP 7, CDN, HTTP / 2) to fasten your WordPress site. Apart from this, it also provides Free SSL Certificate with each account.

SiteGround also offers very well managed WordPress Hosting at a low price. SiteGround also provides us 24/7 support (phone, email or live chat).

4). DreamHost

DreamHost is a high-quality WordPress hosting provider that is also officially recommended by WordPress. It gives you a guarantee of 97-Day Money Back. Apart from this, it offers you FREE Domain + Privacy, Free SSL Security, Unlimited Hosting, Fast SSD Storage, 100% Uptime etc. Its Shared hosting plan also supports PHP 7.1 feature. It provides you 24/7 Expert Support (chat, support tickets, and phone) for any type of hosting issue.

5). InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a top-rated U.S. based web hosting company that provides Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers. It gives you 24/7 support through live chat, phone, and email. It offers (PHP 7, custom server caching, FREE SSL, hack protection, custom firewall, and DDoS protection) to fast and secure your website. It is also very easy to setup. It comes with free website migration service, 1-click app installer, and free drag & drop website builder for the new website.
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