All About Chat Secure Messenger

chat secure messenger

Founder(s): Chris Ballinger
Founded: Feb 27, 2012
Type Of App: Instant Messaging, Social Media
Use: Instant Messaging
Nature Of Business: Public
Headquarters: U.S.
Area Served: Worldwide
Industry Type: Internet

ChatSecure (Android, iOS) is a free open-source encrypted-messaging app that features Off The Record (OTR) encryption over XMPP. A neat feature here is that ChatSecure is interoperable with other OTR-encrypted XMPP messaging apps, so in addition to communicating with other ChatSecure users over mobile, the app also handles messaging with desktop OTR messaging apps such as Adium and Pidgin. Users can send files, photos, videos and audio in addition to text messages. There's support for group messaging, though that feature is currently not covered by end-to-end encryption. If you're looking for even more privacy, Android users can combine ChatSecure with OrBot, routing their communications through the Tor anonymizing network.
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