Apple has made its operating system iOS 11.2 available for beta mode for a long time after its final version has been made available to everyone. This version is available on iPhone and iPad devices worldwide. This version contains many new features like Apple Pay Cash, new Emoji and Improved Charging. Initially a bug related to phone date is also being found.

To fix this bug, you can change the date by following a few steps yourself. For this, Apple has been offering executive advice to the date of December 2, before now. Once the iOS 11.2 is installed, you can restore the settings again.
In order to use the Apple Pay Cache available in this version, users will have to sign on to iCloud account. Along with this, you need to link your debit or credit card with this vault. It will be used with the help of seri, no separate app will need to install it.

At the moment, Apple has not provided any information about how long this pay-cash feature will be available in other countries except in the US. In this version, there has also been a significant change in emoji.

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