Blogger vs. Wordpress : Which Is Better

There are several blogging platforms which allows you to manage contents but the question is which blogging platform is best for you or you can say best blog sites; Blogger Vs Wordpress Vs Tumbler? Thses are three popular free blog websites but we are discussing about only two popular blogging platforms which are Wordpress and Blogger. We all used Blogger (Blogspot) as our primary blogging platform after which we shifts from Blogger to Wordpress which doesn't means that Blogger is not good as Wordpress. Some of good blogs are running on Blogger.

Blogspot Vs Wordpress
Blogger Or Wordpress

LET'S START Blogger Vs Wordpress

1). Ownership

Blogger has developed by PYRA LABS, later Google purchased Blogger from PYRA LABS. Now Blogger/ Blogspot is a property of Google which means all data stores in Google server. If you have Google account then you can easily open your blog. You can create 100 blogs from one Google account. Your data is not in your hand in Blogger blog case.

You have to install Wordpress in self hosted wordpress website / blog. You are your own boss in wordpress blog. You data is in your hand in case self hosted Wordpress blog. There are many wordpress hosting services available which includes some free wordpress hosting and paid hosting services.

2). Control

There is a simple managing system in every blog of Blogger which give access to you to manage you blog. It is impossible to add extra elements in Blogger blog. You have to work within Blogger options only.

Wordpress is an open source software. It means you have full access over your blog, you can install third party plugins and elements in your blog.

3). Looks

Blogger have limited templates in official Blogger template gallery but you can use third party templates for for free or you can use paid version too.

Wordpress have plenty of option in wordpress themes or you can say wordpress templates. You can choose many free and premium best wordpress themes for your blog which gives rich look to your blog.

4). Security

Blogger is hosted in Google server which tends to highly secure blog. It also gives you power to maintain high visitors count.

Wordpress is also secure but we have to take care of security of our blog. You have many plugins to secure your website. In case of high visitors count you may purchase powerful server hosting plan for your blog.

5). Updates

Blogger is very poor in case of updates. It hardly recieves any updates.

Wordpress upadtes are available many time in a single year. You can update as per your requirement.

6). SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Blogger is enehenced its SEO features these days but Wordpress is always better than Blogger in terms of SEO because there are many free wordpress plugins which makes your blog SEO friendly.


I hope you like this post and it will help you to select Blogging Platform. If you have any query you ask me in comments.


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